Hello, I am Moh Camara, a Guinee-born artist and musician living in Saalfeld-Beulwitz, Germany.

In the following you can see some of my painting works as as well as listen to my music. I hope you enjoy it.

If you want to get in touch with me or buy some of the originals that you can see or hear on the website, please find my contact details below.

Here you can see me at home with some friends

Here you can go to my music offering

You’ll find the latest songs and my CDs all listed here. Just click on the individual music that you want to listen to.

More art and pictures of me

On the following sites you can find more art that I have created and painted. If you are interested you can order and buy more of them.

My life story

My life has always been ups and downs. Life in Africa is totally different from life in Germany. and Europa. In the following I ‚ll show you some impressions back home from Guinea, Conakry and Mali,where I actually come from.